My lighthouse

It’s been a while now, you’ve been my lighthouse… The light that sees through, reality, divinity and all that’s true and untrue. Live on my lighthouse.

A Word Of Advice

Wonders of love don’t come in easy. Yes, love is blind, and it will remain so, but judgments from the society will kill it… A Word Of Advice for you…

Shrivelling Li(v)es

Shrivelling Li(v)es is what we live every day with humans turning into monsters and still walking togehter. Think though, do you want Shrivelling Li(v)es?


By your true warmth, I survive, searching my own I cry… Trying to suppress the inner feelings, looking for warmth in you.

Who Decides?

In this high turnout society, we are sure to be ridden with a lot of things… But who really makes the decisions? Is it you, or is it them? Choose wisely.

Long-Forgotten Alley

I remind myself of the memories…
The long forgotten alley skipped a beat…