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‘Trophies and atrophies, malls and malignancies, love and lovers, the brush to the rush… All of it, packed with a bit of romance, a dim-lit humour and a conscious attempt to being dedicated in life.’

If we start out in life, what would one want to have? To be the superhero of someone’s life, to be the robber that never got apprehended, maybe to even be the soul that was free.

Tanya stared at the roses in her backyard, they looked very bright that morning until the rain came pouring down and they were left in a gloom, gleaming of pain. She stared and stared, until some sounds from the kitchen got to her. Running towards the kitchen she realised it was her cat – Rosabella, whom she called Bella with some strange affection. She calmed the little black cat who looked amused by some kind of vague imagination, but it seemed to be usual.

Tanya returned to her desk, where she was making a card. She was an artist, and loved painting. The following evening, she’d decided to walk down the same street on the lookout for the boy whom she wondered about ever since she saw his face. She was making a card for him, where she’d paint the most beautiful of sunrises and smiles together. She got done with the card, and started dressing up. She was inclined on being her sassy best!

Tomm, the poet boy, he was busy scribbling down something on the paper napkin at the café. His coffee felt lonely as he did this. The poem he’d written the other day was in his pocket, and he had all the intentions to read it out to her if he happened to meet her. Love was in the air and he couldn’t resist the emotion of awe when he saw her approaching.

Just like the other day, Tanya came rushing towards the place on the pavement where she dropped the card at Tomm’s table. She didn’t wait a moment, she swiftly raced across the street and vanished. Tomm was moved, and at the same time confused, whether he should call out to her, but only if he knew her name. Only before he could process his feelings she’d left already.

‘There lies only a moment, between flamboyance and arrogance, and your perspective matters a lot.’


Oh, and don’t you forget me, your dear Terry… See you soon with some interesting times as Tomm grabs Tanya by her… Oops, enough said…


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