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All about Katherine

They both were at this place for recovery. Not knowing that they would actually recover there. Not a single day went by without Sonny not looking out at her. But all he was amazed by were her eyes, they were all he could see off her. She was clad in black all the time, yes, she wore a burka. Of all the void, she filled him with acceptance. It was the eyes that he was thinking of the time and again. But he thought that she was carrying some burden inside her head, wondering why she would be at the same place he was at.

They never spoke to each other, as it was forbidden. Each day during breakfast, lunch or dinner, it was as if time took a pause and replayed. It was now difficult for both to hold back. One day she gathered some guts and sent him a letter through another guy from the same place. As he came rushing towards him, Sonny was astounded, scared, and amazed. Sonny rushed to his room and opened the letter which was a page torn out from her notebook. He had to be quick, and the last line is what he curses to date. He had to tear the paper and let it go down the drain, or he would’ve been caught for misconduct. But for one thing, he knew was true, Sonny had to respond to the love sent across in the letter. How will he do that, he wondered?

Waiting for a few days, the time had come when he got the chance to pass on a message to her. This time the messenger was someone else, but the message meant the same. While he thought he was doing well, it was her helping Sonny. Katherine was the only one who could spark that fire within this man after he had lost all hope. He was deep pain post the Roslyn-phase.

Katherine kept waiting for more letters. But as days went by she was told by a friend that Sonny had been released. Sonny had been out of that place and so was his memory of Katherine. But he still wonders where would she be? How would she be doing? How beautiful was she? It had been years that none of them heard about the other, both Katherine and Sonny had been just a memory one another Only if she had followed his instructions, the last line of the letter read, ‘Please don’t ask for any trouble, flush this one out hon…’

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