Local Social Drama is a platform for artists to showcase their talent and get recognized. We ensure they meet and mingle fellow artists. This helps you evolve with your art by creating original content and being updated with contemporary knowledge.

 Local Social Drama aims to promote culture in a versatile manner with a unified approach towards artists. Here, no artist or genre is inferior or irrelevant. We are a collective space for artists from all aspects of art – writers, poets, storytellers, musicians, painters, comedians, photographers, actors, speakers, enthusiasts, and the list goes on…

We promote art and culture with a  growing fraternity of like-minded individuals. A collaborative platform for art appreciation and art nurturing. A seamless connection from the orthodox to the new media, we provide value to the artist with an audience that’s the innate part of an artist’s journey.

We support and nurture talent, irrespective of the form or genre.

Everyone is a visionary, we shall be the projection.’

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